Green Book | Plane | Movie

OMG Ali Mahershala. Dude, you just became my Black inspiration and dopest actor. Everything about your swag it reminds me of my dad. You just became my idol. Oscar well deserved Mr Mahershala, Oscar well deserved. Viggo Mortensen, ufff no one can play the Italian Vilano better than you. Believe that every time you came […]

Waking up in Detroit | Facebook killa

Good day good day good day. Listen my people from Instagram, don’t even worry about it, what happened on Facebook because y’all niggas safe. I don’t have to delete or block anyone right here… well, just don’t say the wrong shit. But for Facebook? Hahahahha, yesterday was your judgement day. I went petty on these […]

Day 60 | Mexico: 1 day to go

It’s another day, another hustle. Let’s move on from now on further. Gotta get my ass to the gym, so that I can complete gangsta physique # 5. Rested two days of course like I should and then workout gonna continue with chest. Gangsta physique chest day. Oh well. Let’s burn these boobs. After working […]

Day 17 | Gindungo: 18 to go

Afternoon Mi Gente! We a few hours into day 17 of soberness and smoke free. Carrot juices nuts and fish, home-cooked food, nothing but the best water in this system aka Canadian-tap water from the rivers and mountains of Quebec, fresh like a drop of snow. Yeah baby. We got that water so pure that […]

Day 9 | Movie Critic

I would like to tell you good morning Mi Gente but, actually I am not getting out of bed right now. I am in the bus heading to Ottawa, going to get my documents! Yesterday I saw the Black Panther movie. 3 letters. O M G. I dunno how I am feeling right now, but […]

Wakanda – See It Through My Lens

I’m very happy today, this morning, from now and onwards. Why? Black Panther. No! I did not yet see the movie, and y’all niggas please do me a favor. Don’t spoil my ears and try tell me how the story ends. I will take my date, I will sit on them Scotiabank red shock chairs, […]

Don’t Mess With My Students

The day has arrived. Your boy Dr Kizomba’s freedom. Passport: ✅. Let’s start our first tattoo. Lisbon, here I come, before LA, USA and St Petersburg, Russia Dr Kizomba will be back in Lisbon. But this time, not being stuck! My Lisbon people: Friday February 9, 2018 I’ll see you at Capricho Moltense. Come and […]

Canadian Dream

Good afternoon my people. We just left the 12 noon margin and we headed to the afternoon moon. Todd, contact me my brother, real fast. I got Rui loading his weapons, Amber Rose didn’t see the post yet, but Maria from Vancouver is watching and so many more people. My brother, urban kiz is an […]

H&M no more

Maaaaaan, the world is going crazy. I really used to like H&M, but when I saw that post the Weeknd shared of an H&M promo pic of a little cute baby, and on the baby a green fucking hoodie that says “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”… Using a child for your promotion and for your […]

Holiday Happiness

Good morning. For my people that don’t celebrate Christmas, I respect that. You not working and you don’t even know why 😂. Happy Holidays from Dr. Kizomba and the Kizomba Canada family. Facebook is on fire. I mean, on fire! 🔥🔥That last post, tho. Listen, listen Mi Gente. To be honest, turning a blind eye […]

Black and White

Hot hot hot hot hot hot topic. Good morning, good morning, oh man, this morning I jumped out of bed with so many fbk notifications my people! Get your tea cups , get your tea cups Mi Gente, bc you are gonna drop. What a topic. Settle in. Let’s go. First, an organizer from USA […]