Black and White

Hot hot hot hot hot hot topic.

Good morning, good morning, oh man, this morning I jumped out of bed with so many fbk notifications my people! Get your tea cups , get your tea cups Mi Gente, bc you are gonna drop. What a topic. Settle in. Let’s go.

First, an organizer from USA that I personally know posted a comment on an Eliza Sala video stating the following “Where are my black sisters? That is why you see all black brothers dancing with white chicks. Because they take the dance seriously and are willing to learn. Each time I am in Europe I barely dance with black sisters.” This comment was made on Facebook. He’s black. Really Black. Blacker than me, almost impossible. To see someone posting and talking about my mother, my partner, my sister, my world, my entire life, my turn on, the booty and lips and the nose that I can’t live without, the girl that works so hard with a child that looks like me, was me, was my brother, on her back wrapped up in the same cloth that is now considered fashion and put on ladies’ heads. Let me tell you tell you something Mr. Benny Duvallière. I don’t roll with your comments, I don’t roll with your opinion, and all my sisters know, every time I am on the dance floor they are gonna have a dance. I am not into this racist apartheid because to be honest with you, I also question myself. Why all these niggas dancing with these white chicks, for real tho? When there are so many talented sisters on the dance floor, working hard, doing what they supposed to do. Oh, now I know. Because of niggas like you! You are that type of nigga that watched too much TV and got fucking brainwashed because of everything around you and now you think that life is white. Nigga. Tune back into BET. Maybe you might learn something. You never saw Soul Food? Grandma gonna curse you out.

Anyway, for all my sisters around the world, I’m sorry for this misrepresentation and I speak for all my black brothers: we totally disagree with this bullshit that this nigga is saying, I don’t know what he’s talking about.

On another note, I have to thank everybody for coming to kitaba social last night. Was the bomb! Was THE bomb! What a night. If you wanna see what’s up, show up or just tune next Wednesday to drkizomba/live. People came out, people danced and danced and smiled and laughed. Give kudos to DJ the Best for his amazing music, amazing atmosphere, Angolan music and vibes.

See you next week and Waalaykum salam.

#notstuck | #freedom | #blackandwhite

First published on Facebook on December 21st, 2017.

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