Mother City | Dr. Kizomba | Bootcamp

Mother City Dance Festival. I wanna give a big shoutout to the students that attended Dr Kizomba’s Bootcamp and for the Ladies that attended the Afro – Beats / Kuduro Workshops. It was incredible and magical. You really made your Doc proud, the smiles, the goosebumps, the drinking beer in class… Yo let me side […]

Back in Lisbon | Brotherhood | Track1

Good day good day ami Gente, it’s your boy unapologetic motherfucker #drkizomba in the building. Actually not in the building but in Lisbon. I’m here enjoying the weather… Wait a minute, it’s too fucking hot, I’m not used to this shit no more. A nigga take a shower in the morning and you already sweating […]

Tunisia SBK | Travel Blog | Day 4

Well today is Sunday. This weekend I’ve been teaching with me, well, French I’ll call it, or Franglais or my French du Canada lets call it ok? And I’m teaching in my French du Canada back to back to back then I see instructors that come from France teaching the whole class in English. That […]

Tunisia SBK | Travel Blog | Day 3

Man oh man oh man. Tunisia. Okay, I’m still tired but let me tell you one thing. The party is crazy. These people love to party I mean LOOOOOVE to party. They are very party animals and they don’t complicate the system. Let me just tell you about few things. Man, I just finished my […]

Trinidad | Day 4 | Paradise

🏖 Today is all about Bake & Shark 🦈 Maracas, but before that I gotta tell you more stories about last night. After hours & hours of workshops and cool vibes, we decided to hit a local spot DJ Fluffman & Bob Marley son where on the mix : Kizomba 🎼 Soca 🎼 Dancehall 🎼 […]

Dr. Kizomba Show | Tuesday Semba | Kitaba Social

Good morning, good afternoon, good midday. It’s your boy Dr. Kizomba, unapologetic motherfucker. Yesterday we just finished filming 100 videos for the VIP club. You better subscribe my people, there’s a lot of moves there, for years! Hard work pays off. And of course, today at 3pm we have your Dr. Kizomba show. The topic […]

Laidback Feeling

Good Monday Mi Gente! I know, I know, I know, I know. I’ve been taking a long break on my posts. But if you guys can actually see my actions, I’ve been working a little bit in the background. You know, preparing the team and making sure that they ready for what’s coming up next. […]

Day 2.1 | Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home. Got back home surprised my students, surprised my team, walking into the kuduro class. The kids were already dead, laying on the couch, I guess Flavie destroyed them. The adults could barely breathe. Shit is fucked up. I had to go and melt some mozzarella in a Canadian fried cheese Western Unique […]

Day 63 | Mexico: Day 3

Good morning, mi Gente, afternoon by now. Yesterday’s workshops were off the chain. Mexico is off the chain. Today we have one more workshop, kuduro. I didn’t want to eat breakfast because I wanna kill these people right now, one more last time. Today we are gonna do 2 shows back to back. One with […]

Day 51 | Landed in Montreal

Touched down in Montreal. The airport is really busy. Slept the whole flight through. Back to square 1, walking to the door 6 about to catch an uber again to go home and continue my sleeping. And then go for kuduro for 7pm with the kids, 8pm with the old folks. It’s sunny outside, I […]

Day 41 | Baltimore: Day 1, Part 2

Feeling a little tired after the kuduro class, I didn’t know how I was gonna feel doing kuduro more than 4 times a week. It was a great reception. And the people were amazing. I went to a Dominican barbershop to get my line up. But they took a bit too long, and my Uber […]

Day 41 | Baltimore: Day 1

I just woke up, fuck. First party, it wasn’t really a party it was a preparty, at the Baltimore Salsa Congress, but you know the real name Kizomba-Salsa-Bachata Congress in Baltimore, down. I repeat, down! We finish with a nice bachata kizomba and salsa music and with a nice talk. Met new friends as always, […]