Laidback Feeling

Good Monday Mi Gente!

I know, I know, I know, I know. I’ve been taking a long break on my posts. But if you guys can actually see my actions, I’ve been working a little bit in the background. You know, preparing the team and making sure that they ready for what’s coming up next. Shows, performances and keeping it up with the crowd in Montreal. Meaning, our students. Because there is the team and there’s the students that come and take regular classes. And more personally, I’ve just been bumming aka that feeling that you have when you just don’t feel like doing anything. Summer laidback Carribean feeling. But nevertheless, this week is very important because there are a couple of international events and there’s a couple of classes as well in Montreal. We have tonight the #kuduro classes, starting at 7pm with the kids and at 8pm with the adults. We have tomorrow the Dr. Kizomba show with another hot topic: Can I “dance” with your girl? List below: tarraxinha, semba, kizomba, etc. This topic is gonna be open, and its gonna make people feel really because they gonna be able to express freely what they really think. Right now working on some Gindungo stuff. The summer is here, my people. Just need to address some new upcoming surprises.

See you guys tonight if you in Montreal because kuduro is gonna be ON.


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