Laidback Feeling

Good Monday Mi Gente! I know, I know, I know, I know. I’ve been taking a long break on my posts. But if you guys can actually see my actions, I’ve been working a little bit in the background. You know, preparing the team and making sure that they ready for what’s coming up next. […]

Day 73 | Boston: 3 days to go

Good morning. The birds woke me up. Spring bling is here! Montreal weather: fantastic. I can see the sun shine through my window. A good day to start biking, but I’m only gonna have my bike tomorrow. I’m gonna get my 2 hot topics or 3 and record a Dr. Kizomba show in about 30 […]

Day 14 | Gindungo: 21 to go

Good day, Mi Gente. It’s 5 o clock, it’s Saturday, and it’s roasting time. Yesterday was gooood! I don’t really remember what I did, I just know that I woke up feeling good. Ohhhhh shit, now I remember. I was roasting a live video yesterday. I was talking about my buddy Carlos. If you guys […]

Day 13 | Gindungo: 22 to go

Good day Mi Gente. I’m really thinking seriously of career change. I need to sign up for some comedy. Cuz not being able to drink and smoke has made me realize that I can take more stupidity than ever and talking about it is funny as fuck! I’m gonna start by my 2 or 3 […]

All Queens Matter

Afternoon Montreal and the world. Today is another Wednesday, with many more to come. Focusing on today: get your feet ready because we actually starting a little earlier with the back to school program. 6:30pm beginners, 7:30pm intermediate so that at 8:30pm sharp we start the advanced class and as well the live streaming of […]

New Hashtag Alert

Good day, good day, mi Gente, good day. Was a little bit off today, slept in, bc last night Kitaba was off the chain. Thank you so much for the ppl that showed up. Kitaba Wednesdays is starting to feel like home. I see my regular familiar faces that come to Kitaba, our students are […]

Live Videos On Point

Good morning Mi Gente. At this time its mid-afternoon. Thank you so much my people for coming yesterday to Kitaba and making this dance floor flow like a roller-coaster. Your boy Dr Kizomba has some important news for you. You already know about the night of Feb 9th  and the workshop in Lisbon. But that’s […]