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Good day, good day, mi Gente, good day. Was a little bit off today, slept in, bc last night Kitaba was off the chain. Thank you so much for the ppl that showed up. Kitaba Wednesdays is starting to feel like home. I see my regular familiar faces that come to Kitaba, our students are working hard and practicing, and those Dr Kizomba live streaming videos during class are taking off! Thank you so much to my associates for making this possible. My team rocks. DJ the Best, kudos for a top night yesterday! Thank you so much my brother for playing nice and sweet hit songs yesterday that kept the dance floor moving and all the above.

Promotion time. Mi Gente. Gindungo is in exactly FIFTY SIX days. The ticket price is still $140 in January. Get your coins together and buy your pass otherwise you gonna cry in February. Prices go up on Feb 1! 💸💸💸

First trip. Can’t wait to be in Lisbon, have a little snow-scape. I already have a workshop set up, a Dr. Kizomba workshop and party. My people, those are the fruits of #stuckinLisbon that are now allowing us to make a new hashtag #backtolisbon and this time I’m gonna be telling you aaaaaall the stories of this trip from the airport and the airplane ✈️ to the beaches 🌞and the sangria🍹. All my stories I will share with you my people. If you don’t know the #stuckinlisbon, check out this link: We have over 100 posts right there. You will have a good read, and a good laugh as well.

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