Semba is Mwamba

Usually I don’t do #dailyposts at 3pm  but I had to have a beauty-motherfucking-sleep.
Very proud of my team Kizomba Canada, they’re working very hard, Saturday night dropping their latest show at Bachata Invasion with grace and poise and fire . Today I’m not gonna tape anything political because my last performance video was over 8.6K in less than 72 hours. Thank you so much for the love and support. Sharing is caring.

Montreal, you have exactly 1 day to get your Gindungo full passes because the prices are going up ⬆️. You guys already saw what Eliza can do . You guys already saw what Fabricio can do. Frans and Sarah are coming and many more. Get your tickets now before the price goes up on Feb 1.
Tonight. Come and join the factory of Kizomba Canada because we have semba on the menu. If you wanna have the fast feet swipes and lifts and gancho and macacaos all mixed up in one pan while cooked and delivered for you like Angolan food – remember the one that Eliza cooked on Sunday night at the AirBnb party – yeah, you better come tonight and get this motherfucker. Beginners 6:30, intermediate 7:30, advanced 8:30, and we gonna finish the night with another Kizomba Canada practice to sharpen up our new show.
Gotta give it up for Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the Grammys. That boy was on fire! Dave Chappelle coming back, it looks like we got some hope.
Hasta la vista baby!
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Originally posted on Facebook on January 30, 2018
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