#freedom31 Videos

Wakanda – See It Through My Lens

I’m very happy today, this morning, from now and onwards. Why? Black Panther. No! I did not yet see the movie, and y’all niggas please do me a favor. Don’t spoil my ears and try tell me how the story ends. I will take my date, I will sit on them Scotiabank red shock chairs, […]

Cabin Fever

It’s like this. Good Monday, Mi Gente. I know I’ve been away from the internet for personal reasons. Reasons that I don’t have to tell you motherfuckers. But I gotta thank two cities this past weekend: LA and Atlanta for understanding Donald Trump’s situation. And I gotta thank Flavie one more time for taking the […]

Delayed Good Times

Maaaaaan, good morning Mi Gente. I’m 😔 . I’m sad that I am not going to be able to be in Lisbon on time for my workshop and parties organized by Miguel and Monica 💔. Thank you to my brother Bonifacio for being my backup this weekend. We are already arranging a new date so […]

Preto Show Loves Kizomba Canada

Wooooooow just opened my eyes and saw Preto Show’s Instagram. Last nights me and the ladies we were joking on Sacanagem, capped that shit and sent it to my boy Preto Show, yes the artist, he’s my boy, so what. He posted it on IG. OMG, Kizomba Canada team is just ridiculous insane. Check out […]

Bday Privates

Happy birthday to my girl Marie Christine. Woke me up to come and teach her a private class on her special day, gave me a surprise, we start drinking rhum really early in the morning. I was treating her birthday like it was my birthday 😂. Check out her facebook page so you can see […]

Salsa Love Kitaba Love

Daaaaaaaamn I forgot how I much I missed dancing salsa, man. Me and Mãe Grande aka Flavie Merise went to do some salsa dancing at Baila Con Gusto last night. The kizomba was ok, the bachata was ok, but the salsa was on deck. I even forgot to go back and dance kizomba because DJ […]

Adventures in Ottawa

Woke up this morning, had to jump on the bus real quick to go to Ottawa to take care of my passport. Got down there, realized that they telling me that the ID that I have is not really an ID – it just tells my status in Canada 🙄. Welllllll, I guess you learn […]

All Queens Matter

Afternoon Montreal and the world. Today is another Wednesday, with many more to come. Focusing on today: get your feet ready because we actually starting a little earlier with the back to school program. 6:30pm beginners, 7:30pm intermediate so that at 8:30pm sharp we start the advanced class and as well the live streaming of […]

Semba is Mwamba

Usually I don’t do #dailyposts at 3pm  but I had to have a beauty-motherfucking-sleep. Very proud of my team Kizomba Canada, they’re working very hard, Saturday night dropping their latest show at Bachata Invasion with grace and poise and fire . Today I’m not gonna tape anything political because my last performance video was over […]

New Hashtag Alert

Good day, good day, mi Gente, good day. Was a little bit off today, slept in, bc last night Kitaba was off the chain. Thank you so much for the ppl that showed up. Kitaba Wednesdays is starting to feel like home. I see my regular familiar faces that come to Kitaba, our students are […]

Wednesdays = Kitaba

Afternoon Montreal and the world. Today I hope you are already getting ready for Kitaba social and the Dr Kizomba live streaming of the class for all my people outside of Montreal. If you are inside Montreal, see you at Espace Des Arts for the free class at 8:30pm of course, and as well for […]

Harmonious Dancefloor

It’s little bit after 5 in the hour of 6 pm, your boy Dr. Kizomba is about to hit the semba class from 6:30pm until 9:30 to make sure that the students get their semba weekly fix so that they can shine at the Kitaba social. 👊👌 I’ve been teaching a lot lately and seeing […]