Harmonious Dancefloor

It’s little bit after 5 in the hour of 6 pm, your boy Dr. Kizomba is about to hit the semba class from 6:30pm until 9:30 to make sure that the students get their semba weekly fix so that they can shine at the Kitaba social. 👊👌

I’ve been teaching a lot lately and seeing the students progress, learning and catching the flow and seeing their different behaviours. Even on the dance floor, their personality actually changes from shy ➡️ more outgoing ➡️ more confident ➡️ walking tall ➡️ being able to ask a lady to dance and having a good time and be a gentleman at the same time. Making the dance floor harmonious and flow with their skills that they learned in classes with a mix of #kizomba, #semba and #kuduro. That’s just amazing and special. Beyond reality. But the power of all this is to continue making the factory. The multiplication of every single one of us makes the dance floor a better place. Not ONE person makes the dance floor: we ALL make the dance floor, no one is special.

Roasting time. See? I was positive in this motherfucking post. I didn’t say no shit, no fucking, no nada. 😇 Maybe this is Eliza Sala’s 👑 energy rubbing off on me. Maybe. But don’t worry motherfuckers, it’s starting to wear off. The next dose is at Gindungo in March. There you gonna see me all nice again, ok? 😂

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