Wednesdays = Kitaba

Afternoon Montreal and the world. Today I hope you are already getting ready for Kitaba social and the Dr Kizomba live streaming of the class for all my people outside of Montreal. If you are inside Montreal, see you at Espace Des Arts for the free class at 8:30pm of course, and as well for the Back to School Program. Tonight we are starting at 6:30pm and we are finishing dancing at midnight. You do the math. Hours of dances and making Montreal skillful.

Roasting time. I got a phone call from my brother Yauca from TO, and I think we gonna do another live #talkingshit today. I’m just gonna advance you a little bit of the story so you can put your 2 cents right here below in the comments. Well. Yauca has been working very hard in TO to try build the kizomba community. As well, he is a business man: he has a property called Luanda house that is his own building. If you are from the Toronto district area, you know the place really well. I’ve know for him for over 10 years. Now. Your boy is just gonna give you a little spicy preview. The story is about SoKizomba. A festival that was. Then wasn’t. And then magically another festival appeared on the same dates. I smell a #talkingshit video before 5pm, my people!

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