Raptors | Toronto | We the North

Raptors Raptors Raptors. You played great yesterday, keep your chin up. Let’s go to San Francisco and fuck these niggas up. Drake, oh dear Drake. Great job on trolling, you getting under these niggas skin really bad. Yeah man Toronto Raptors in the NBA finals for the first time. 3 words. We the North. We […]

Toronto | Family Feud | Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas you filthy animals! Lolol. Those are one of the gifts that I received from my good new school gang gang friends by the name of Ebony. Omg it feels so good to be at home, running upstairs like a little kid, hanging out with my sister and nephew. Tried the bacalhau and the […]

#Toronto | #familyfeud | #goodfriends

Good morning Toronto. What a lovely and beautiful city with a combination of amazing people, well I wanted to say weird but let me start cleaning up Toronto’s reputation. Amazing people, because now I get it, the vibe here is different. Even though this is my city, my original Canadian city, that’s where I am […]

Toronto | Black Santa | Family Feud

Touching down in the Six for family reasons for a long long time. Yes some of you are thinking hey, weren’t you at the Kiz’n the Six just now? Yes, I was but I didn’t have time to see my family. Because it’s Christmas, that’s really when that motherfucker got important. Man, one fact. Toronto […]

Christmas | Toronto | Junior

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone and their families. Dogs, raccoons, bears, fish and oh I almost forgot, humans. All the above celebrate today with your family the birth of I guess, Nigga Jesus, yeah. I mean even if you don’t believe just do it for the cause. Just do it for the Santa […]

Chocolates | Family | Xmas

Maaaaaaan, I gotta love my life. I’m working individually a lot on my lady students’ following skills and the results of that is I’m getting Lindt chocolates as presents! I dunno what I’m doing but it’s doing the job. And its amazingly respected. Way to go Dr. Kizomba. Look at me, giving props to myself. […]

Home Sweet Home | Montreal | Bye Toronto

This past weekend was another surreal moment Dr Kizomba + Gang Gang Kizomba Canada performed, social danced, workshops and many more activities with the team and family. Yes Dj NS and His Lady Gang were very nice to us, thanks for the AirBNB much appreciated. Accommodating 13 moffos is not something easy but you definitely […]

Toronto Recap

Toronto: mission accomplished. Was nice to see a lot of friends and old school people that I didn’t see for a long time, and of course Johnny Ramos’ show. Doing that really for my brother Yauca. Let me tell you what it means being loyal to your friends. You have no choice when a friend […]

On the Bus to TO

Good morning. Woke up so tired. Realized I had to be in the bus by 9o’clock. Got a reminder at 8:50, of course I didn’t make it. Jumped on the 2nd bus at 10:30 to be able to make to my workshop in T-dot at 7pm. Yes, I have enough time to see my nephew […]

Wednesday is ma girl

Woke up from a nice meeting with the Kizomba Canada team yesterday. I’m sorry my readers, that’s why I was away all day. We discussed some things, especially some things that are going in the team aka making the hustle go stronger. Then we celebrated at my crib, you already know my neighbor didn’t sleep […]