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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone and their families. Dogs, raccoons, bears, fish and oh I almost forgot, humans. All the above celebrate today with your family the birth of I guess, Nigga Jesus, yeah. I mean even if you don’t believe just do it for the cause. Just do it for the Santa because this time I’m going to hang out with a special person. My little homie. Mi little nephew. He’s not little no more, that nigga is like 26, that nigga kill somebody right now, but to me, he’s always gonna be my little Carlos. If you see the picture on the right or on the left, I dunno where I am gonna post it, that’s us right there. Rasta boys. One day before we cut our hair. Yup! That’s us. Real twins. I miss this boy you know. He was the only thing I have left in Toronto. Well, my sister too, a little bit. But it’s different with him, because that is my homie. That is my nigga that I confide my adventures to and he always tell me Go. Regardless of the consequences, the little demon on my shoulder, like mirror mirror on the wall. We going to ceeeeelebrate holidays! Eat a good bacalhau, I’m gonna have to buy it but Gloria gonna cook it. If you don’t know Gloria, that’s my sister. I’ll put her in the picture too, don’t worry. Yeah, the beautiful woman in the dress.

Toronto, here I come! Because Friday I gotta hit Miami and Wednesday we got the last Kitaba of the year, so bring your ring-your-bells sweaters so we can celebrate the last Kitaba in a nice fashion. But hey anyway I am in Toronto. Hey Toronto wassup whats going on tonight? I wonder if Dover Court still open?

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