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Touching down in the Six for family reasons for a long long time. Yes some of you are thinking hey, weren’t you at the Kiz’n the Six just now? Yes, I was but I didn’t have time to see my family. Because it’s Christmas, that’s really when that motherfucker got important.

Man, one fact. Toronto is less colder than Montreal. And these niggas don’t have to deal with a lot of snow as well. That is a lot of bonus points, from my perception of stress. You know I love my sister, I really love my sister. But me and my sister are like Tom and Jerry, we can only be in one house for 10 hours at a time. If we get to our 11th, oh boy. Yes, like Tom and Jerry, shit will be flying all over the place. Don’t worry I’ll take the whole blame, and I am sure she would do the same too. Right now I can see her face, smiling reading this message with a little motherfucker emoji at the back of her brain. But that’s family. That’s family. You don’t chose the household you were born into. Trust me, you wanna kill them sometimes, but then you realize you really don’t and just because you love them that much, that’s what you like that. But I am still thinking about the fact there is less snow in Toronto. But that’s also one thing, the guys dress bummy right here. Some of the guys just dress like bumming. They don’t have that French touch of dressing, you know? They just wearing a long t-shirt, some pants and shoes and call it a day. They look like they going to play some basketball. But at the end of the day, they just going to a party. Yes, I grew up like that too, I still have my Jordans, 13 black and red, size 13 motherfuckers, yes yes yes.

Tonight I’m gonna hit a social called Dover Court with my homeboy Todd Rose and then we gonna probably smoke some weed, I dunno, Todd always put me in some situations that I don’t really wanna talk about. But you actually don’t chose who’s your friends like family, you know? But that is my friend, and he has been my friend since he came for Gindungo 1, and that is Gindungo 1 about 4 years ago. And despite of everything people trying to get him to turn on me because he a flamingo and you know who I am and what I represent and despite that we manage to keep a healthy friendship and have different hearts and still be respectful about the things we love and towards each other. Bromance, bro. Bromance.

So going back to the situation about my sister, you know. That’s why at the end of the dinner or you know whatever, after the 10 hours, I gotta get up and go to my airBnB. Respectfully. Because we don’t want no beefs, but no beefs, we don’t want no trouble, we wanna give our relationship good. That’s a little bit of family feud we gonna solve in Toronto. But however, me and Junior got a airBnb downtown Toronto, to do our Christmas. We gonna have our house Christmas with my sister and that’s cool but then we are gonna have a party Christmas at the airBnb, me Junior and you don’t need to know. We gonna have a Christmas airBnB party. If you don’t vomit, doesn’t count. And I’m not even joking.


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