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Good morning Toronto. What a lovely and beautiful city with a combination of amazing people, well I wanted to say weird but let me start cleaning up Toronto’s reputation. Amazing people, because now I get it, the vibe here is different. Even though this is my city, my original Canadian city, that’s where I am from originally, Toronto mentality is triple C. Cool, Calm, and Collected. But yesterday as soon I reach the six I went to do what I had to do family and friend wise, you know go check my peeps, and I went to check Newton, he was DJing at a social on Sunday, something quiet that finished at 11:30pm. But lovely people though. I’m finally starting to reconnect with this beautiful city again, around Christmas time.
I saw something crazy on the dancefloor that I have to mention a little bit. It was cute, nothing crazy, well I dunno, I dunno, you be the judge. I was dancing with one girl. After finishing dancing with this girl, another girl left her partner on the dancefloor and ran to ask me to dance, literally. She was like, “Hi, OMG, Dr. Kizomba I always wanted to dance with you and I even left my partner hanging on the dancefloor because I know that was my opportunity.” I just… look at her with a speechless face. And of course, flattered, but you know, speechless. So you be the judge. But hey, I am enjoying my moment of Super-Statusism.
More to come. I will write again a little after. This is just the noon report of my trip. While Junior and Gloria are working, I’m hanging out with my homie Mr. Todd, my real real good friend. Ya man. No business, great friend. No capital interest, great friend. Not even dancing interest, great friend. Ya man, you gotta rent one of those.
P.S. I told you my sister was reading my post, and I just got in trouble. She really gonna whoop my ass now, when she come back from work. I feel like a kid waiting for his cheeks to be lit up because I’ve been a bad boy. But that is an amazing feeling, especially on Christmas eve because that bring me feelings of home.
#Toronto | #familyfeud | #goodfriends
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