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Merry Christmas you filthy animals! Lolol. Those are one of the gifts that I received from my good new school gang gang friends by the name of Ebony.

Omg it feels so good to be at home, running upstairs like a little kid, hanging out with my sister and nephew. Tried the bacalhau and the food my sister cooked, omg I just closed my eyes and remembered how good it used to be. We watched BET Comic View, we died. We watched Welcome To America, we died. We are good. The Christmas tree is on point. Just great family time. Imma share some pictures right here, of me having a good time with my sister and nephew in this cold Canada, reminding us that no matter what, family first.

I really hope y’all having a blast and you hugging and kissing the ones that you love and having old school reminiscing jokes about when one was growing up. Like we doing right now. Can’t wait for the food for tonight, I’m alright not eating a lot so my stomach can be a little empty, and it’s Christmas with my blood homies. Life is good.

On the other hand, I think Toronto is not so cold right now. The snow melts when it reaches the floor and no need for boots! I guess they have good weather and good temperature. Montreal, how you doing?

We talk more tomorrow because there’s Kitaba, and I’ll tell you how everything went today.

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