Montreal | Still Cold | Anniversaries

Good morning good day good cold, Raining and cold as fuck. This morning I woke up with a purpose of working on my social Kitaba and as well working on my 8 year anniversary celebration. Kitaba already have a 1 year anniversary and Kizomba Canada is on its 8 year anniversary. Woah, that is something […]

Cold Day | Montreal | High School Bullshit

Good cold day. All my posts are gonna be directed directly to the cold. Another cold day in Montreal. Going to the convenience store right now, inside of an Uber. I’m a little zoom zoom, don’t really know what’s going on. Oh yeah, I might have a party tonight, its Giliane’s birthday. Giliane is my […]

Day 58 | Mexico: 3 days to go

Good morning good afternoon. I am a little shocked by the way that the weather is right now aka Ice Age, I mean literally just like the cartoon movie Frozen. As I’m going to register my businesses I see frozen cars all over Montreal. I dunno how many people I saw from my window, skating […]

Day 51 | Landed in Montreal

Touched down in Montreal. The airport is really busy. Slept the whole flight through. Back to square 1, walking to the door 6 about to catch an uber again to go home and continue my sleeping. And then go for kuduro for 7pm with the kids, 8pm with the old folks. It’s sunny outside, I […]

Day 48 | Landed in Calgary

The flight was smooth. I was trying to play with the internet on the plane, on and off, off and on, all the above. I was able to upload videos on Instagram of me and Flavie yesterday dancing, which is not even Facebook yet, my people were getting the preview, I will post it as […]

Canadian Dream

Good afternoon my people. We just left the 12 noon margin and we headed to the afternoon moon. Todd, contact me my brother, real fast. I got Rui loading his weapons, Amber Rose didn’t see the post yet, but Maria from Vancouver is watching and so many more people. My brother, urban kiz is an […]

Kitaba Saturday

Good Sunday Mi Gente! I know a lot people is already thinking about what they gonna do on Monday but stay calm you still have a few hours. ⏰ Let’s talk about sex, baby Let’s talk about you and me Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be Let’s […]

Good Decisions

Welcome to 2018. Like I told you, more money, less bullshit, eliminate the drama. Those are 3 things that we need to focus on this year. But let’s not forget where we came from, of course. From a small little community of dancing addicts, with a little mix of party animals, and lego-building minds. Yesterday […]

New Year Still Cold

Happy New Year Mi Gente! I’m wishing you love and health, more money, less bullshit. I’m gonna have to say that I’m starting 2018 no new year resolutions. Imma repeat 2017 with a smile on my face, maybe a little bit more change in my pocket and new friends well filtered. Speaking on that topic: […]