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Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. It’s your boy, unapologetic motherfucker aka Dr. Kizomba. This morning I woke up listening to the song of Kendrick Lamar, Loyalty loyalty loyalty… you know, the one with Rihanna. Yeah. That one. Loyalty loyalty loyalty… I don’t wanna really get into details but you know that wouldn’t be me, right? So let’s go.

You know, guys, I care about mine. I’m really deeply connected to my people. So if my people have beef, willingly or unwillingly, automatically, that beef becomes my beef. If I consider you my family member, of course. I am fighting for no people that is not under my family tree. Well already said that, when my friends come and complain to me about someone that is fucking with them, expect me to react and be myself. Now. Don’t go ahead and start being friends again with the people that complain to me, like I’m the one who started the beef out of nowhere. And for all my Gindungo artists, you know I ride or die for you. I will continue to post your videos and I will continue to back you up on your promotion. Simply business and because I care.

DJ Skinnee please explain it to me your last hump day video. It’s confusing. Did you like the split or you didn’t like the split on the kompa song?

I had to take a walk today on the snow to clear my mind. But I only did that because it is currently minus 1. But I had to go get the shit for my weed, so a nigga had to put some snow-walking action today. The necessity was there, so if you guys look at my snapchat Dr. Kizomba you will have a lot to laugh.

Promotion time. Kitaba tonight with DJ Fofo Jah. Last class of the Back to School program. Don’t cry, next week we start back classes again. Let’s dance at the Kitaba social kizomba semba kuduro on deck in the amazing city of Montreal.

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