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Just landed. Partying by myself. The bartender fixed me up a Strong Island Iced Tea, off the chain. I’m already feeling the buzz. Still cold in this area but my jacket is off the chain. My body suit covered me up. That was an excellent buy and I’m not gonna tell where I bought it because I don’t want none of these kizombeiros copying my style like they always do. I don’t buy expensive, I’m not a Gucci. I used to be a H&M nigga, now no more. Eating an amazing breakfast by myself, having a drink by myself, waiting for my next flight by myself. It feels good to be lonely sometimes because I can’t do things without Flavie screaming my fucking name like having a Long Island at 9 o’clock in the morning, getting fucked up before the day started. I miss those days.
Now I’m looking at people in America. It’s true, they eat too much. A girl was in front of me, sat down and she had a conversation with her plate like no other. I felt confused because she was killing that motherfucker. I was like, that’s how they do, people right here. And then I looked to another one, and I saw Benjamin the Button finish his soup. I’m really in America. Every single white person that look at me can’t figure out who am I or what kinda nigga I am. They just have this strange look on their face, like “he look like he can afford things”. Those are some Strong Island Teas! Like Lil Uzi Vert’s bigger brother.
My bartender Mark is the one responsible for my drinks, he is fucking me up. And here I am with my fruit salad and Long Island. Waiting for my next flight. And looking outside, it’s really cold. I might in Minneapolis or wherever I am, I still see snow on top of shit, I’m not moving in this bitch. I’m really thinking of moving to Houston Texas.
I just found out that my flight is gonna be leaving soon. Not soon, but I just wanna make sure I don’t get drunk on that plane. Anyway, I will keep you posted as soon as I land in Cincinnati, because we are just one flight away. But check this out, I was actually able to drop 3 posts before the day starts. See? We got some progress in this motherfucker.
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