Montreal | Cold | Minus 23 Degrees

Good morning. Good Afternoon because we already on Good Evening. Man, today is a beautiful lazy day. The weather is currently minus 15 degrees in Montreal. Do you know what minus 15 degrees means? Minus 15 sun rise at 7:31 am sun set at 4:31 pm, zero changes of snow, 55% humidity, the wind is at 10km/h, that motherfucker feels on your skin like it is minus 23. If we are talking about minus 23, a bottle of water can freeze in under two hours in a freezer at minus 18, so imagine your balls. I just took the time to tell you what I feeling right now and translating into words so you can read and the senses of your body can tell  you, its cold. Walking around my crib in a bathrobe and a tuque and the heater is on max. I’m not even feeling the weather because everything I chop is by ordering, I just can’t wait for my next flight. Oops my next flight will be around the 25th of January, Boston stay calm, we switched the date with Nashville, now you on February 22nd.
I love you all. But don’t expect to see this black ass outside.
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