Friday | Miami Dance Fest | Part 2

I need to sleep, man.

Touched down in Charlotte. The weather is great but there is no snow. The temperature is warmer than Montreal. I went to talk to the AA worker to see if I can get checked in on my next ticket. It was a black lady who looked at me up and down. She looked like a lady who spend all her money on church. You know the ones that look between their glasses and their eyebrow? Yeah the grandma look. She told me to sit down and sit down and see if someone missed their flight so she can put me on the next availability. I will keep you posted. The plane was supposed to leave at 1:30 so if anyone have any spiritual connections please send them my way. Sipping on my Starbucks. I’m not bored yet, just starting to get annoyed and anxious to get to Miami. And specially knowing that this is my first trip out of the 22 confirmed trips for 2019. So I’m just saying confirmed, but more trips are gonna pop up out of the blue. This is something scary because I am already tired.

But I have my Starbucks homie!

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