Friday | Miami Dance Fest | Part 1

Everything was on point, was over excited about Miami, did my bags on time, did my hair, make sure it was putty, called an Uber exactly on the right time, you know me, always exactly on the right time. The Uber showed up exactly not on the right time. All the trip was planned bc I know the deal, no check ins, just carry one so that way you just go straight through without the check in. Speaking of which I tried to do the check in before, but it didn’t let me. Got to the airport exactly on the right time, the lady told me flat out no privilege that I cannot check in and she gonna have to put me on standby. And now I had a perfect direct flight, now I gotta stand my ass by in Charlotte. Lord save me.

Well, at least I didn’t have to pay for the ticket. I’m just gonna stand by and tell you a lot of freaking stories. Let me contact Ivo and tell him the the news. My boy is gonna be ok, because I am gonna be there on time anyways. Hopefully.

Ok sitting down right here, right now I am consoling myself with some steak sauce and Tabasco sauce with my steak and eggs. And you don’t even know the worst! The worst is that there was a snow storm in Montreal, that’s why the Uber was driving like a cockroach. Now, I’m skipping this snowstorm.

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