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Good evening. It’s your boy Dr. Kizomba aka unapologetic motherfucker. Looking left bullshit, looking right bullshit. Up and down, I didn’t even look yet because its snow on the floor and a grey sky. But you know what, Montreal is excellent, can’t complain. Today we gonna have a little bit of semba class. The privates are going very good. My people, just keep in mind that Miami is not this weekend but it’s next weekend. And so the party goes on. Ivo I come and I got your back and let’s make sure that this event is off the chain because I am fully recovered and willing to party.

Tomorrow Mi Gente, we already have the one and only, the classic night of Montreal, aka Kitaba. DJ Fofo Jah will be spinning and please don’t forget to like the page and tag your own self on the pictures, because Davido is not joking with his new high tech camera. And of course our free Dr. Kizomba online class. The doctor expects to see you all tomorrow pour rechauffer Montréal.

On the other note. Folks, I’m gonna go get me a coffee right now, and I am gonna give Belarus a private class. She’s getting really good and I am gonna boost her confidence a little bit more. Then I am gonna teach semba, beginner intermediate and advance. And then I am gonna train my team, new routine so that we are impeccable on point. And then I’m going to bed. This is a Tuesday for Dr. Kizomba, I dunno how is yours but I wish you the best.

Photo credit: Kiz’n the Six. Ha! Memories, they live like people do.

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