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This past weekend was another surreal moment Dr Kizomba + Gang Gang Kizomba Canada performed, social danced, workshops and many more activities with the team and family. Yes Dj NS and His Lady Gang were very nice to us, thanks for the AirBNB much appreciated. Accommodating 13 moffos is not something easy but you definitely did the job. Was also nice to see old faces, not friends but people that I know, yes for some of you this may be new but I actually grew up in Toronto with my Jamaicans that I so dearly miss.

Well Well Well drama mama drama, not really just couple side looks of guilt from the other side, because the representation of Montreal + Canada was with Kizomba Canada people loved the jokes, loved the show and loved my Gang Gang. The kids gave them a Dr Kizomba feeling, danced with everyone. Semba lovers we die social dancing to the last second and made sure our partners still smiling. Good old school gents and lady gents…

This is for my ride or die readers, I’ve been resting, preparing you guys a Dr Kizomba Show Back2Back Marathon because simply a lot of things happened that your Dr needs to address in my own Brainobogy but stay tuned for the next posts. Some bombs will drop…

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