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Well… we already passed midday Sunday. And another black girl magic artwork add from Dr. Kizomba aka the unapologetic motherfucker. The waiting, it is a fucked up process. I’m so anxious that I want Gindungo to be here tomorrow. But I know that we have 1 more week in between. What am I gonna do to myself in these days? Okay, I’m gonna over promote and talk to yall every day about what’s gonna happen on that day, or even better on that weekend. So if you didn’t get your passes, make sure you get your passes because you gonna cry when you see the pictures. And that’s that.
On the other hand, still managing my iPhone X 256gigabits. Oh lord! This thing is heavy. But it’s worth it. I’m used to my old iPhone 8 and this slide shit is killing me. Because if you an iPhone lover, when you get to the iPhone X, you lose that button, the clicking and double clicking, you know, how we got pro with that button. Now we gotta get slick with this sliding. Which is not baaaad, it’s just adaptation, pretty much. Since your boy Dr. Kizomba love innovation, that’s just a question of adaptation and I’ll manage that baby real soon.
On the good note, let’s continue this Sunday to y’all. Hope that y’all having a nice Sunday spending time or whatever the fuck you wanna do on Sunday, sleeping all day, or if you gotta work, I feel back for you son. But remember, enjoy fully because tomorrow is Monday. Aka the most hated day in the week. Recharge, gang gang, recharge! And as for the hard work that you guys are seeing, that don’t belong to me, and I don’t know who is the owner.
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