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It goes like this. Good morning Mi Gente, with my emoji face, it’s your boy Dr Kizomba just to give you a quick report of what’s going on in my life.

You guys already know we are a week away from Gingundo that dope event, you know that melanin mixed with caramel and vanilla on top? Yes I’m talking about the colour of the people coming. It’s a week away!!! But magically Gindungo 5 is already here! You can buy your early birds for only 80 bucks! Don’t sleep on that Mi Gente.

Anyway, topic of the day. Well well well, you already know it’s Tuesday aka Semba day at Kizomba Canada. Footwork on deck. Ginga for days. Wonton soup mixed with Baltimore crab cakes. Mmmhmmm. Tonight 6:30-9:30 all levels come and get your happy dance aka Semba Alegria with the one and only Kizomba Canada aka your boy Dr Kizomba gonna be there aka you know Flavie will be there. It’s a wrap. See you at 6:30 motherfuckers!

Eh, big shout out for Marie Christine. She is the first buyer of a full pass of Gindungo 5 and Gindungo 4 yet didn’t even start yet. On my Kendrick Lamar voice, Loyalty loyalty loyalty.

Dr K emoji voiceover

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