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Good Sunday Mi Gente. Lazy Sunday. I believe it’s snowing a lot outside which I don’t want to be part of that. But I saw this amazing drawing that I didn’t wanna skip, I dunno who it belongs to, I just thought it was cute to post this black girl magic on here to start you up with this Sunday.

Speaking of girl, I’m gonna get this out of my chest, because yesterday I was being petty. I posted motherfucker by Uncle Sam, meaning Samuel L. Jackson. I used to have this girl dancing on my team and then you know when you just keep on scrolling down on Facebook, well, I came across à recent picture of her while she was dancing on my team like, I know she isn’t the biggest promoter of my team right now because she has to justify why she doesn’t dance with my team no more. Which, the reason to be honest with you, was pretty stupid, but hey. Now, that picture got my attention, and I click on her Facebook pictures and I found a lot of pictures of myself including videos. And here I am on my Samuel L Jackson voice, “motherfucker!”. So you try tell me that you go ahead and roll with other niggas and talk shit about me or whatever the fuck you do, and then you go ahead and post my pictures on Facebook like you still cool with me, so you can go ahead and get some likes or still feel relevant. Are you that desperate? Because really and truly, I mean… like, isn’t it you the one that is so happy and magically came out on the hater radar and now my face is all over your Facebook? Oh! And you talking about team spirit on your post, damn since you put it like that, you forgot that your selfish spirit is what get you out of the team, right? Like, really? I am shocked. But anyway, hope she see my message because I sent her a personal one, and like I said I was being petty, ok? But then I checked myself.

Shaking my head. Motherfucker!

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