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Greetings my fellow readers! It’s your boy aka unapologetic motherfucker aka Dr Kizomba, giving you a rumour report from the crib. As you know, today we are officially 13 full days away from the Gindungo festival, 3 parties back to back with a surprise after party on Saturday till 6oclock in the morning. So excited to have all my petty motherfuckers coming to my city and seeing the kingdom of Kizomba Canada in full force. We will surprise with an amazing social on Wednesday that you already seen in the pictures, it’s called Kitaba social where you are gonna meet our regular Kizomba Canada clients and students and friends and family, and from there we all gonna jump the next day to Baila Con Gusto, I don’t even know how everybody is gonna be able to survive the heat. Then on Friday, you already know, representing your flag. On Saturday, you already know, Wakanda edition. And on Sunday you better have your pyjamas or none. No Mi Gente, I will not roast anyone today, because R. Kelly just got outta jail. You already have enough to talk about.

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