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Good morning and good bye Montreal. I wanna take time to thank everybody that came to Kitaba yesterday. I was shocked that people left their house. I thought maybe 20 people would should up because of all the snow that Montreal in the last 2 days received. But again my Kitaba folks proved me wrong and you came strong for your regular Wednesday treat.

This weekend we gonna be in Detroit for the SBK weekend with my brother from another mother Douglas Lee Ortiz. Currently I’m actually at the airport, and something weird happened at the Porter airlines. These motherfuckers charged me $45 bucks for a carry on bag. Well duh, I know the planes are small but I am not paying an extra $45 for a carry on bag, I’m already carrying it, you know? Anyway, that was the weirdest thing of the day. But I am gonna keep posting you of how everything goes, because on my way to the airport was the first time I seen so much slush. Took me an hour to get the airport. Literally. Because of the snow on top of the snow that couldn’t met. If you have doubts just go to my Snapchat and check my stories and then you gonna see what I’m talking about/weather.

Ok my people see you on Monday, because now is vacation time. Your boy is going to rock Detroit with other amazing artists. I will keep on posting because your favorite is back on the road. I got a lot of stuff to share with you about. I mean I have sooooo much stuff to share with you about it. I even have stuff that I already wrote it and I didn’t post it! Coordination and shit. I need more hours in my day to focus. Ooh nice, I just saw a nice picture! I think I just took the picture of the millennial. It’s a ride for kids, but i wanna ride this bitch. I need to find someone to take this picture for me. Everybody busy in this motherfucker though. I’m gonna ask this lady, oh no, she on the phone. I’m gonna ask my brother over here. Yay, I found someone crazy enough to entertain my idea. Shit I don’t even fit in this thing!!!

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