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Good morning motherfuckers and motherfuckerettes, another cold motherfucking morning in Montreal! It’s your motherfucking unapologetic Dr. Kizomba, and for my people that are not inside of Canada right now and don’t understand the cold temperature, I am here to show you how it’s done:
Currently right now in Montreal, we are talking about -9◦C and mostly sunny. The high will be -8◦C with a low of -11◦C. Sunrise, 7:29 AM. Sunset, 4:34 PM, what the fuck? What happened to 6:00 PM? 10% chance of snow- alright! 61% humidity. Nigga, it’s already cold and then you’re going to give me 61% humidity? You want my balls to soak or what? The wind speed is 8 km/hr. That motherfucker feels on your skin like -13◦C! The motherfucking visibility is over 16.1 km! Well you figure it out, because I don’t know what the fuck visibility is. I can’t see anything. This is your motherfucking weatherman, Dr. Kizomba. If you’re in a motherfucking sunny place, nigga fuck you! I hate you! Nigga right now, a motherfucker cannot even smile at the niggas outside because of the weather, what the fuck is this? I have to put on a mean face! Yes, my brothers. It’s your weatherman, I hope you like my report. If you have read this until now, don’t forget to click (…). If you don’t and you just like the picture, oh well. We need you also here on the internet because we just found out that even R. Kelly can’t read for shit.
Last week of classes! Tonight- Kuduro kids classes from 7-8 PM and Kuduro adults from 8-9 PM. My people, don’t forget to purchase your Dr. Kizomba t-shirt to show how much you love us! And then don’t forget to take a picture with my t-shirt on and post it on Instagram and Facebook. أتمنى لك نهارا سعيد. Have a blessing day!
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