Toronto Recap

Toronto: mission accomplished. Was nice to see a lot of friends and old school people that I didn’t see for a long time, and of course Johnny Ramos’ show. Doing that really for my brother Yauca.

Let me tell you what it means being loyal to your friends. You have no choice when a friend call you for help. It’s not optional. It’s an obligation. Now, having said that, going to Toronto and having 2 congresses at the same time at different places or whatever they call it, I saw a lot of disloyalty. I also understand not everybody have the same level of respect with their promoters. But if someone invite you to come to one place, I expect people to probably stay at the place they were invited. Yes there have been cases where things are a little shaky, there is a lot more to elaborate of course so I’m not gonna throw anyone under the bus, but I can understand a lot of people and their level of loyalty. I mean shit, if I’m not cool with you I don’t have to be loyal to you, I guess. But in the Dr. Kizomba world, it’s a very complicated thing, I’m talking about my brain. If I’m not cool with you, I don’t even wanna fuck with you.

Someone told me, “Yo! You not gonna be able to teach your class because you running late and there is not a lot of students.” I look the individual in the eye, size him up which he was short, and my response is, “Listen beginner, i came here to help out a friend, which I am still getting money because that’s my name. But your need of students in the class is so crazy for someone that don’t make students to expect students to be in the class, meanwhile Flavie is teaching a full Kizomba class at the Montreal Salsa Convention.” I’m still looking at that particular form of humanity, like woooooow. You starving for students? Wooow. You see? I don’t want to get involved in my post but I do want to get involved so it’s complicated to give you guys the full access because I am still repping for my friend.

But since this was an in-and-out trip, I did have the time to hang out with my nephew Junior. Man, I love this young bearded boy. It was really nice to see him and be with him and just you know, be. See my sister, she came and slapped me while I was downstairs sleeping on the couch, too tired to open the sofa bed. Me and Junior went to get jerk chicken at 4am. That shit was dope. My sister bossing me around like I am a child, that is just a sign that she miss me, don’t get it twisted. Having to do the dishes and shit, baking bread for no reason, all the above.

Now I can’t wait to Curaçao. I’m gonna be talking to you a little bit later because right now it’s time to turn up a little bit with the family.


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