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Good afternoon my savage readers. Let’s get back to grinding. I basically have 2 or 3 days in Montreal before going to Curaçao and attend the Curadise Dance Experience event. But tonight we have kuduro at 7pm for kids and kuduro at 8pm for adults. And those are the programs for the Spring Bling 2 session that we organize in Montreal at Kizomba Canada. Today, I’m feeling a little tired because of this back and forth trip to Toronto. I felt that I spent more time in the bus than in the city. And yes, energy is a bitch and takes a long time to recover. Now, let’s go back to grinding.


Man, helping friends out is a great thing and I loved it a lot. But to be honest with you, it gets you away from your focus and your normal obligations. Let me explain to you why. This past weekend, I had a live contract with the Montreal Salsa Convention. I had to leave Montreal on Saturday to go ahead and go to Toronto to help my brother Yauca on his event of course. The Saturday night party was off the chain because I connected with the Angolans like I said in the previous post and I got to see my nephew who I dearly love and I miss a lot. But let me be honest with you by leaving Montreal, I’m starting to lose more work by leaving Montreal than by staying in Montreal. Why? I have competitions with my students, I have to train my students, I have to organize my festival, I have to prepare my shows, not only the performing shows but now also the Dr. Kizomba show, meaning prepare the topics for every single Tuesday so that you can have a good topic waiting for you – we gonna be talking about taxi dancers tomorrow. Leaving the city is just a lot for your doctor. And my city finally have good weather! Now this is some fucked up shit. When the city had fucked up weather, I was here, well because I was stuck here, right. But now that the city have good weather, I’m supposed to be here too a little bit more, no? Or, I guess, but now like the same way I am balancing with alcohol, it’s the same way I’m going to be balancing with staying in Montreal. Meaning, help less my friends and making more savage decisions. Yeah. I guess you know what I mean if you read this, for the good readers.

Now, I gotta go back to the office, and I’m working on a new choreography with Flavie. A summer-friendly type show. And continue working on the gangsta physique. Let’s put this soberness on check.

This week, tomorrow we got semba, Wednesday we got Kitaba, and then we have Curaçao.

I wrote a lot. Bye for now.

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