On the Bus to TO

Good morning. Woke up so tired. Realized I had to be in the bus by 9o’clock. Got a reminder at 8:50, of course I didn’t make it. Jumped on the 2nd bus at 10:30 to be able to make to my workshop in T-dot at 7pm. Yes, I have enough time to see my nephew Junior and to hang out with him a little bit. Because if some of you guys don’t know, T-dot is the Canadian city where your boy Dr. Kizomba was raised. This is all because last night I went to the Montreal Salsa Convention and I had amazing dances until 4 o’clock in the morning. I got to hang out with Désirée Godsell, my lady homie from a long time. OMG we talked so much shit, we let things straight and we said we gonna try make sure catch each other more often at events. We talked about promoters that scammed people. It was so good for me, it was fucking funny. The world is crazy.

Now I gotta bring it back to the bus situation. 🚌 As soon as I got inside the bus at 10 o’clock, I just woke up at Kingston. I was so tired I just slept the whole way. After Kingston, the bus was driving like a turtle 🐢, slow as fuck. As a matter of fact, still slow. Apparently, there is construction or an accident on the road, I don’t know. All I’m caring about is getting out of this motherfucker when I get to Toronto and go straight to the Spring Rose restaurant and eat me a chicken Pad Thai and go to Zara and get me a t-shirt for tonight’s show with Johnny Ramos.

Yay! Tonight is Traditions II event. Let me see my boy Johnny Ramos and dance the shit outta myself. Of course my class is gonna be at 7pm. Let’s make it happen! See you soon Toronto.

Oh guess what, the bus is starting to move a little bit. And then it stopped. 🤷🏿‍♂️


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