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Maaaaaaan, I gotta love my life. I’m working individually a lot on my lady students’ following skills and the results of that is I’m getting Lindt chocolates as presents! I dunno what I’m doing but it’s doing the job. And its amazingly respected. Way to go Dr. Kizomba. Look at me, giving props to myself. Thank you so much Pam for the lovely cadeau and I hope your skills will keep getting good as they are doing right now. Proud of you, you learned how to do the tick tick, yassssss.
Right now currently, I am right here with my brother Hamid in the Uber going to clean my face so that I can look good for Christmas and I can be a good Santa Nigga because I’m 2 seconds away of buying my ticket to Toronto so I can spend Christmas with Junior and my sister because I really miss these motherfuckers. Now this is for real. I’ve been going everywhere with them in my heart and they’ve been so cool and I could not ask for a better family because it does not exist. My little homie just understands me, he know I gotta get that loot, I gotta get that paper. And sometimes I touch down in Toronto, and I don’t even see my homie. And I know he misses me but he just too tough to tell me he miss me. My sister is another story, but I miss her too. Let’s just leave it like that. But anyway I wanna make sure that I stay in Toronto just before until Wednesday because Kitaba is on Wednesday and I don’t wanna miss my family dinner.
Guys if you have your moms and dads around and granmas and grandas or whatever in the same city you live in, in these holidays make sure you hug them and kiss them dearly and remind yourself that they will not be there forever. No no no, I don’t wanna make you sad, I just want you to remember that hug and smell for the rest of your life when they’re gone so that that way you have something for yourself. Because that is what holidays really are man.
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