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Good day my people! Tonight tonight tonight. In few minutes seconds ago we will have our weekly break aka Kitaba social, where our kizomba is gonna be 100. Steps on deck, leaders on deck, followers on deck, cute faces, melanin on that bitch mixed with cocoa. Let’s dance some semba and kizomba and kuduro on the mix by the sounds of DJ Fofo Jah. Tonight in Montreal!

Obsv. Observation. Lately, I been looking into the leaves of happiness to tryna find the tree of direction that leads me into the root of peace. But man, to be honest with you, without money you can’t get there. Money really puts a smile on people’s faces. Not to mention food on the table. Money took our society by storm niggas. I’m not talking about big money, I’m just talking about having a minimum of 5G in your account without worrying about your expenses. Shit, this shit is starting to look like doomsday shit. Niggas lives on credit and shit. This is not fun at all. I mean, at all. Little niggas and old niggas or whatever niggas and niggarettes. You gotta get your money right. Let’s take for instance in the world of dance. If your money is not right you can’t do shit. That means you can’t attend party or events. That means you can’t hardly be part of teams and get your dance up in a higher level. That means you can’t hardly afford for both private and group classes. At least you can come for Dr. Kizomba free classes on Wednesday, thank god! But forget about congresses and international trips! See? I’m just talking about dancing. Since motherfuckers consider that a hobby I don’t know if that is really on top of your bucket list, homies. Get your paper right. Time equals volume. If you keep on hustling every time the same time, every time the same struggle, you can pay some of your shit, rent and food and shit and then you can have some left so that you can accumulate and spend on yourself so you can change the course of your future. But remember you gotta start this shit yesterday. Because Gindungo is around the corner!! Some financial advice by Dr. Kizomba, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Only if I used it for myself, but that’s a different story for another day.

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