Wednesday is ma girl

Woke up from a nice meeting with the Kizomba Canada team yesterday. I’m sorry my readers, that’s why I was away all day. We discussed some things, especially some things that are going in the team aka making the hustle go stronger. Then we celebrated at my crib, you already know my neighbor didn’t sleep yesterday. Oh well, it’s Friday, he’ll get over it.

As well, if you guys saw the live video, me & Flavie did some work for the Dr Kizomba website, meaning we got new videos and new moves for the VIP club unlocked. You guys really wanna go and check it out because I am putting my heart into this work out there. We coming out with kizomba and semba incredible moves that will challenge your skills and make sure you gonna be able to keep it up. Since a lot of people love moves, this session right there? No bull no bias, straight dope ass moves for your faces.

Well, the weather was good today, so I took my skateboard out. I’m organizing my team to perform at the Montreal Salsa Convention while I’m on my skateboard going to the studio for a practice. Planning my trip to Toronto for Traditions II while I’m on my skateboard. Going to T-dot maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, who the fuck knows what time. I’ll leave that up to my travel team to decide. I just saw Wednesday right now and her baby daddy JP. He’s baby-sitting. Wassup Wednesday, how you doing? You less grumpy today? Hello? Hello! Hellooooooooooo pretty girl. I wanna eat a steak, Wednesday, do you know what a steak is, hmmm? I’m gonna be for sure in Toronto tomorrow because I can’t wait to see Johnny Ramos performing live show. Yo my people, Wednesday is standing! She doesn’t like eye contact, so I am not gonna take a picture. Girl, don’t step on my phone! Walk, Wednesday, walk. Those are my glasses girl, don’t kick them, walk girl walk. One more step. You like your crazy uncle, don’t you. Awwwww look at her smile, awwwwwwwwwww. Don’t grab my glasses, I know you wanna be stylin, but those are my glasses. You wanna touch my bun? That’s my real hair girl. It’s a male bun. That’s my game with Wednesday, my people. She gangsta. Don’t burp, girl. Wepa! Yo girl, come let’s skateboard. Let’s get you on a skateboard. Don’t worry about daddy, your uncle’s got you. That’s my girl, you a skateboarder. Hold on. One move. Up we go, down we go, we skateboarding on this thing. Girl, don’t cry!! JP, take your girl back. Wednesday was just skateboarding my people.

Alright my people, gotta go teach 2 privates. Then Imma probably catch the midnight bus to T-dot.


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