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Raptors Raptors Raptors. You played great yesterday, keep your chin up. Let’s go to San Francisco and fuck these niggas up. Drake, oh dear Drake. Great job on trolling, you getting under these niggas skin really bad. Yeah man Toronto Raptors in the NBA finals for the first time. 3 words. We the North. We here to make damage. Yeah.

Speaking of Toronto, your boy #drkizomba is in Toronto right now on family business affairs. Home sweet home aka None Your Business, not everything we must put in writing motherfuckers!

I did a video with Rayan that is going crazy right now. We were having fun on Matias Damasio in Curaçao and Rayan got a massive bunda aka ass. And this video is exploding on social media. I’m pretty sure it’s the bunda because my flamingo can’t compete with that shit. Thank you so much Rayan for making your ass possible and see you soon in St-Maarten. You know I’m just joking, your ginga is just gorgeous. Look past the bunda motherfuckers, look past the bunda. The girl is an amazing dancer.

One more week on my vacation officially then Cuba, I see you. And then Brazil, I see you. Let’s go motherfuckers!

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