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Wow man, Montreal. A beautiful city, awkward AF from time to time, because of the weather. But leaving the house alone and not having a plan to do anything, but to go get my Vans at the Van store and then magically stumble at a bar called Laurence order a burger, but the burger was kinda feeling lonely, and they had Heineken on the tap, so I order Heineken on the tap, with a burger of course, because they say it’s good to eat with your drinking, or vice versa, just give me that burger and Heineken. Yes its true, I took too many trips and I found so many beautiful places but then I wanted to explore my own city as a tourist. And this was the most amazing thing I have ever learned: try to discover different wonders of Montreal, not by going to bars and eating burgers, come on. I’m talking about museums, swimming pools, I’m talking about whatever I am talking about, it don’t matter ok? Just get to know my city.

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