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Dammmmmn, I was just checking the insights of my Instagram and it showed me the % of the people that actually visit your page. Those stats are pretty good. But I believe the United States and Brazil come out before Canada. So you try to tell me that I’m 17% more popular in United States and 12% more popular in Brazil than in Canada? Shit it’s true, I don’t go nowhere but Montreal. Maybe once a year in Toronto or some shit, but usually I stays right here. The gender ratio is pretty good. 51% woman, 49% man, that’s wassup. Guys and girls love your doctor. Way to go Dr. Kizomba on IG, I see you.

I just had a conversation with one of my girls in ATL and she was begging me to move there. I really love ATL, I really love Black America, man. If I wanna move, I wanna move next to my… I can’t say the word no more, only when I am excited. But you get what I mean. I wanna move next to my people! Don’t worry Montreal 🇨🇦, don’t get too excited, I ain’t moving nowhere. I miss my students and I miss my city. Like Drake, we the North! After winning that championship, all yall brothers and sisters are moving to Canada ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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