Good Morning Cold Weather | Montreal | Kitaba Social Recap

Good morning Mi Gente. Well yesterday or today, I was bumming all day. Just like fighting with my brain and struggling to get out of the house. I guess this is the struggle of the wintertime. Had some important things to do, especially with my brother JP, that I couldn’t do it for weather reasons. Omg this procrastination shit is fucked up. I gotta physically and mentally fight the winter. This is hard. But I guess Imma have to do it on my own. Cuz I’m a big boy now.

Ok this weekend I’m here debating what’s going to happen. Because I’m supposed to be in Amsterdam right now. Maybe something magical can happen and my ticket will magically appear so that I can go. But if not, I gotta go to Toronto and hang out with my nephew Junior because last week I was already there but I couldn’t see them because I was hanging out with my gang gang. And you know I love my nephew. So I show that love back to my family, my bloodline. But remember, I’m supposed to be in Amsterdam.

Kitaba this week was off the chain. Me and the team we laughed so much. Hey, as a matter of fact, the week at Kitaba was so great that we hit the 100 margin! Yes! We around 100. That is super duper dope. That is really super duper dope. 100 people at the social. That is what’s up, gang gang. Good job gang gang of keeping it up. Amazing job by making sure that everybody get a dance, making sure that everybody get tired, making sure that the ladies get their feet hurting, you know, basic stuff. Normal things that other people don’t have, and easy stuff for the Kizomba Canada gang gang.

See motherfuckers? I can do a full post without cursing or bashing anyone. But the fact is, it’s still cold in this mortherfucker. Still cold in this motherfucker. And I will still be here in this motherfucking cold weather. Snow Snow go away, come again hell neeeeeeever, snow snow…

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