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Good day beautiful cold ass motherfucking city. My house is so dark that I wake up and I dunno what time it is. The window was so cold, I had to put my blankets all over the fucking windows and make my house dark as fuck, put the heater on max so that I forget what city I’m living in in Canada and to forget that there is snow outside of my door. Now, it’s not that cold because I still see people smiling on the streets and walking with ginga. Don’t worry as soon as the minus starts hitting they gonna be gingaless and walking like motherfucking fucking flamingoes.

Yes. Now that I am back on my writing, it’s time for us to address certain small little things. This past weekend in Toronto, I’ve noticed that another team had the same music for their choreography as Kizomba Canada has for its show, and maybe it’s a common mistake, same city, different dance team having the same choreography music when performing in another city. Well, I’m not gonna use my popularity to win this contest but last thing I know, me and my team were practicing on that song, and actively posting on my Facebook since February. Our practice video already passed the 5k views margin. So it is almost impossible for us to be copying other people’s song. But hey, what can I say, if DJs are stealing my music and playing it at the next social like they didn’t fucking steal it from my show, what do you think is gonna happen with other people? No, I’m not throwing shade, I’m just stating the facts. So for my students, that’s why. When I play a song, and you guys go take a picture of the song from my computer and then you share the song all over, just think about the fact that I might be needing to use that song for a choreography and this type of shit can happen. Future awareness to a common mistake. I’m not throwing shade to anyone, but when it comes to Dr. Kizomba the facts are still the most important part of the story. Just in case any one of you is trying to throw shade and say that we used the same song as you, no booboo, I’ve been using that song for a long time now, and you cannot tell me that you didn’t saw that since all eyes on me like Tupac Shakur.

To finish this post on a positive note, I feel like eating chicken nuggets. And if you have time, please follow your Dr. Kizomba on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Tell your friends. Tell your mother, I am funny as fuck. At least she won’t be lonely at home, reading my posts and watching my videos. Someone gotta entertain Mama and nobody better than that than Dr. Kizomba. Since y’all only post pictures with mama on Mother’s day, bitches.

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