Queen Eliza

Oh my god. Waking up from an AirBnb crazy ass paaaaartyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Like they say, all the freaks come out at midnight, and you know what? I am a very glad unapologetic motherfucker. The people that surround me are coolass motherfuckers that love to party, love to drink and don’t give a fuck about tomorrow.

Eliza, man. Miss Sala. A drop fresh air into the Montreal kizomba community and culture. You know we don’t have a community but we trying to build one. Just to see the ladies enjoying themselves and really learning from a woman was simply priceless. Me, personally I think that Eliza Sala is by far, BY FAR, the best female artist of this culture. Hey, that’s my personal opinion and I am being biased because she’s Angolan, ok? But I am sure that a lot of people second me on that one and they don’t need to be Angolan. If they’ve met her, they know what I am talking about. Simply fire. Myself, Manuel Eduardo Antonio Dos Santos, I learn and wanna learn from Eliza Sala. She’s simply what I need to be better and what I need to grow. Literally I am giving her the flowers: girl, you’re the boss. Amazing amazing time in Montreal. Short and sweet and very powerful. Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl we don’t need to talk about it. See you at Gindungo. As I am typing this, you are still here in Montreal.

Now. Roasting time! Fuck this shit, I’m being too nice with you niggas. Now it’s time to get my haters in check. Montreal. Canada. We can do this. We can be better than we are right now. We can grow. We can learn. We can achieve and accomplish things that other cities cannot. Montreal. We have the beautiful kizomba culture in this city for over 7 years. Get your students together Montreal. Fuck this shit of posting the same shit for the same events, promoting at the same place, that’s not the way to go. Get your own people, instructors. Stop with this eating at the same place type of fucking Africanism food sharing. Get your own students. Get your own people and then we actually gonna be bigger. I’m talking to my city. We can do much better than what we doing today. Eliza did something that everybody was complaining about: “oh the girls don’t dance good, they don’t move good”. She came and worked 150% and explained that even the simple ginga they think they know they don’t know. And you know what? It was nice to have people coming to me and being like “ I didn’t know that movement you could do like that, I didn’t know that was the mechanism of that move” and my answer was “Girl, I’m on the same page, and I’m Angolan!”

And Navi’s back! Welcome home my son!

Kuduro at 7pm for the kids.
Kuduro at 8pm for the adults.


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