Wakanda – See It Through My Lens

I’m very happy today, this morning, from now and onwards. Why? Black Panther. No! I did not yet see the movie, and y’all niggas please do me a favor. Don’t spoil my ears and try tell me how the story ends. I will take my date, I will sit on them Scotiabank red shock chairs, those motherfucker chairs with the vibrations that move you during the movie, the movie go boom and the chair goes boom too. Imma order 2 steaks and a bottle of wine because I’m on a Henny break, mixed with coca cola, in Spain we call it Calimotcho and in Angola my native born country we call it Katembe, a mix of wine and coke – I meant Coca Cola, ok? Dressed in my African outfits from head to toe, Eddy Murphy Coming to America type of shit, I will enjoy a movie produced by a black man. Super hero black. Actors black. Soundtrack black. And the crowd is black too! Wakanda, aka the niggadom, for life.
Roasting time. Why is this movie so important for black people? Simply because of the fact that every fucking story out there about my people that was made in these past years – hell, made during my entire life – it’s all about gang-banging, stereotypical poor families, homeless, drug motherfucking dealers, the lowest representation of humanity. And they love to go make them slave movies. We don’t really like to see that shit but motherfucking Hollywood always finds a way to force these movies into our fucking faces, with the excuse “Oh that was part of the story”. And when we get another movie, “Think Like A Man”, a movie that portrayed blacks in a swagalicious way, the way that we know, flashy, nice, important, great job positions, articulated, inspirational fathers, hard working people – what happens?! Motherfucking France: prohibits that movie. Other places: prohibits that movie. Why? Because it shows off wealthy educated black folks doing their thing, as though we can’t do that. Motherfuckers. Black Panther is a movie that is showing and will show us and more importantly show our kids that they have a superhero and many more to go. That at Halloween these black kids don’t have be dressing themselves in a Superman outfit. No no no no no! Embrace yourself, be proud of your color ,dress like Black Panther at Carnival & Halloween parties, buy them suits for your kids. Wakanda, that’s what we are.
To finish this post on a good note. Baila Con Gusto, aka one of my favorite spots to dance, will be hosting a Black Panther night on Thursday. And Kizomba Canada will be performing. Showtime! Also, don’t forget that tomorrow we have our Bible studies aka Kitaba social . And today semba semba semba beginner intermediate advanced 6:30 7:30 8:30. All these services is provided by the dancers and instructors of Kizomba Canada. Not only by me, Dr. Kizomba, no. By the dancers and instructors of Kizomba Canada. Get it!
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First published on Facebook on February 20, 2018.
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