Your Doctor Needed A Doctor

Greetings to my online savages. From the night of Wednesday to Thursday, your doctor needed a doctor. Yes. A combination of bad nutrition and alcohol led me into a situation that even water could not penetrate my system. Vomit was my comfort zone. No more details, I don’t want to disgust your ears. I had my plane ticket leaving from Montreal straight to St Petersburg, Russia to attend the festival Mama Africa , for your boy to see my friends in Russia, and I was not able to go because I was in the hospital, staying all night under the IV to hydrate my body back to health. Was a little scary this time. Yes. It can be a sad day. But your boy is recuperating.
Today, taking it easy and looking at all the messages that I’ve been missing while I was in bed. And for some people, thank you so much for the concern and comments, always welcome. Not every car that is shiny on the outside is working well on the inside. This was a warning. Your boy is gonna put his bottle of Henny down for a long long long long time. AND eat healthy AND hit the gym bc the number are going up and those numbers never down.
On the other note, the Kizomba Canada team keeps surprising me. They held it down at Kitaba night last Wednesday, they did an amazing job. And yesterday another amazing performance at Baila Con Gusto, Black Panther night. KC team, the ladies are stronger than the guys, they take the lead, they don’t play. Today they are gonna do a practice and then we all going to watch the Black Panther movie tonight, all in our outfits. Now we gonna see what everybody’s talking about.
For Richard, my son, hold down St Petersburg for me boy, hold it down like you always do. I am in tears, I wanted to see my son, I wanted to see his uncle, my brother Raphael. Another loss, but gotta keep my head up and keep moving. Wakanda forever.
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First published on Facebook on February 23, 2018
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