Day 8 | Reinvigorated

Man, this was a very scary week. But – it’s finishing with a lot of smiles and positivity. As some of you guys know, your boy was hospitalized this week bc of the long-term effects of some substances we don’t have to talk about here. I couldn’t make it to my plane to make it to Russia, bc I was still hospitalized and the doctors said my body was too weak to handle the physical stress of travelling. As always, my team stepped up, teaching all the classes this week, and took on the responsibility and performed at Baila Con Gusto on Thursday and obviously did an amazing job.

Last night, myself and Mango did one of our funny routines, “Merengue de St Antonio” by Gaby Moy. That was the first time I did that routine sober. Oh My God. This shit is so different. I thought I was gonna have less energy. Wrong. Epic fail. I could do 20 shows back to back and not break down. While I was performing last night I could look every single person in the room in the eye and feel their energy. While I was performing I had the clarity to split my brain in two: go back rewind + fix every little imperfection as I was doing it, hit every beat and every high note, see what was coming, and prepare my body for the next steps, AND still be with the crowd, working it, feeding off of it. It was amazing. I was fully in the moment. I was the music, I was the crowd, I was the dance. It reminded me of my salsa routings when I was 20 years old with Albert Torres, RIP. Yes, I pushed my body and ripped my pants again while performing. But thanks to my team – we got everything from nurses, to make up artists, to cooks, to engineers, to sowers – back stage we can fix everything, including teeth. Richard, remember that story? 😆

Speaking of my son, Richard, I saw the workshops in Russia. Great job of having your dad’s back like you always do best.👊

Thank you for everyone that has been writing me, especially for the comments on the post of me putting the bottle down. But I’m gonna thank one person in particular bc I can tell he understands what I am going through bc of his comment. Mevin. Mecvo was honest about his soberness and his experience, including something as simple as how you get your sleep back when sober. Bro, I am exactly there. I just had 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It feels amazing. I am talking to you, bro. I just did the show with Flavie, bro. I was fire, bro. Thank you so much for listening to my problems. I feel rejuvenated, bro. My body isn’t gonna stay weak for long!

Last night, after the show I even went to the bar and offered someone a drink while I had a juice. 🥤

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