Day 37 | Gindungo Recovery

Good morning Mi Gente, it’s noon. Yes, now I can acknowledge that I am tired, but I am not that tired. Ok, I lied, I am tired, but I am happy tired. Gindungo 3. I told you it was gonna be an atomic explosion. Wooooow. What a night last night! When people thought that we […]

Day 8 | Reinvigorated

Man, this was a very scary week. But – it’s finishing with a lot of smiles and positivity. As some of you guys know, your boy was hospitalized this week bc of the long-term effects of some substances we don’t have to talk about here. I couldn’t make it to my plane to make it […]

Holiday Happiness

Good morning. For my people that don’t celebrate Christmas, I respect that. You not working and you don’t even know why 😂. Happy Holidays from Dr. Kizomba and the Kizomba Canada family. Facebook is on fire. I mean, on fire! 🔥🔥That last post, tho. Listen, listen Mi Gente. To be honest, turning a blind eye […]