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Good morning Mi Gente, it’s noon. Yes, now I can acknowledge that I am tired, but I am not that tired. Ok, I lied, I am tired, but I am happy tired. Gindungo 3. I told you it was gonna be an atomic explosion. Wooooow. What a night last night! When people thought that we could no longer surprise them, they screamed until their lungs got sore at the Jack and Jill yesterday. Finally Mr. Fabricio Do Zangado got his title after an epic final battle against Carlos. My son Richard lost all ideas of movement in the competition, and he just went for the kill by off taking his pants and so many other things were inflicted during that competition. And the amazing workers, the team helping me host this event, the amazing work of the students and family members.

Now let me tell you about one thing. It was the first time I witnessed my students being so involved in the company and learning so much in one weekend and having the full experience of what a congress is and what it should it be. I was so proud to see the faces that I love and see every day in my classes and other faces from Montreal that I recognize, welcoming all these people to Gindungo 3. Yes I am talking about the festival, with tears in my eyes, I must say that Gindungo 3 was by far the best festival we organized and I was happy to see people enjoying and enjoying and enjoying and enjoying. Don’t forget, today is day 37 of soberness and I completed my strongest task. Which is 37 days of non-smoking and alcohol consuming while we were organizing a crazy event. I cannot say it’s over yet, because there is a lot of things to deal with, but I can say so far so good.

I’m gonna end this post by saying: thank you to all. Meaning, Thank you. To all.🔥🌶💥❤

Don’t forget to click “I’m going” to Gindungo 4 and to purchase your $70 pass right now, because otherwise, you already know… you don’t wanna pay $200 at the door next year.

Imma repeat: thank you my people. More posts to follow, but right now I am too tired to even think or type. And there is so much work to do, because the aftermath is the killer!

Again, thank you all.

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