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Daaaaaaaamn I forgot how I much I missed dancing salsa, man. Me and Mãe Grande aka Flavie Merise went to do some salsa dancing at Baila Con Gusto last night. The kizomba was ok, the bachata was ok, but the salsa was on deck. I even forgot to go back and dance kizomba because DJ Sabrusso was killing it! Yes, I am talking about BCG, Montreal’s local weekly event on Thursday, just after our weekly Wednesday Kitaba the day before.

Speaking of which, we have a special Kitaba that is actually gonna fall on the 14th, the day of motherfucking Cupid, that cute angel-baby dude that sends heart shaped arrows 💘and makes people fall in love. Well before that nigga catch you with his arrow come and bring your valentine(s) to Kitaba for a special kizomba tarraxinha seduction class and a good night of dancing until 1 oclock in the morning. I hope you cancel work on Thursday, call in sick because the bedroom boom is gonna be on fire after Kitaba: everything is a foreplay leading into the night Mi Gente. Dress in red ❤️and black, we gonna make sure chocolate is all over so that way you have that seductive chocolate in your mouth and that way you all gonna talk chocolate🍫. It’s gonna be on the day of the 14. No bull no bias, a lot of events do Valentines on the Saturday or the Friday but not us, not Kitaba, we do it on the day of. We are so lucky. And you all are welcome, 2 for 1. Bring a couple, we don’t care of the gender, aka men and women, men and men, women and women, whatever mix you’re into, you are absolutely awesomely welcome.

Wa-alaykum salam Mi Gente.

Let me just finish this post by saying its Friday. Turn up niggaaaaas!

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Originally published on Facebook on February 2nd, 2018.

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