Adventures in Ottawa

Woke up this morning, had to jump on the bus real quick to go to Ottawa to take care of my passport. Got down there, realized that they telling me that the ID that I have is not really an ID – it just tells my status in Canada πŸ™„. Welllllll, I guess you learn something new every day. But the situation is under control, the passport is here. Making this shit smooth for Portugal, LA and Russia. I am very excited to get on this plane NOW. I dunno if I am more excited to be in Lisbon or to get inside of a plane. Any plane.✈️

While I was in Ottawa I had to wait for my bus but then Marina invited me at her crib. We had a little bit of her food and a little bit of my food and a little vodka and rum. She lives in a very nice condo in downtown Ottawa. I think she’s rich. I dunno what she do, but she has her life and I have my life, and we gonna leave it like that.

Ottawa ppl were looking at me weird out and shit like that. I think they never saw a nigga in boots. The temperature was kinda hot in Ottawa. These lucky niggas got good temperature and a little snow, making me look crazy in my bootsπŸ‘’ !

See you in a few hours at Baila Con Gusto my people!

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