Day 73 | Boston: 3 days to go

Good morning. The birds woke me up. Spring bling is here! Montreal weather: fantastic. I can see the sun shine through my window. A good day to start biking, but I’m only gonna have my bike tomorrow. I’m gonna get my 2 hot topics or 3 and record a Dr. Kizomba show in about 30 mins. Then I’m gonna go and do my #gangstaphysique and kill my turtle back. Then eat a good meal, so that my protein goes straight to my body and help the muscles on their recovery. Then imma kill my students with a lot of semba today because it is the last class of the session.

On another note, I’ve noticed that a lot of congresses are popping up on the internet. Congress here, congress there. Flyer here, flyer there. I wonder if people are really putting in the work necessary behind the scenes to make this possible, or they just doing it because other people are doing it. One thing I know? It takes very long time to build a crowd and to maintain it. I see people creating their tombs before even starting a festival. Just be a little bit careful by making an event or festival. It takes a lot. When the people is in the room, you still need to entertain them and make sure that everybody is ok. Once your party goes bad one time, the reputation pursues you. Hey, but who am I to say this while I’m drinking my tea.

I’m gonna keep this short because I got go record my Dr. Kizomba show. The subscriptions are going high on YouTube. Please, Mi Gente. One more subscriber, we can make it to 200 subscriptions. Follow me because I simply follow back. Don’t forget to click on the notification button so that this motherfucker can alert you when the next episode of the Dr. Kizomba show is going on. Or when the Dr. Kizomba #live classes are going on before every Kitaba. See? Getting good at this shit. One more subscriber, and I’ll have 200 subcriptions on YouTube. Yes, Mama, I am becoming a YouTuber!

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