Day 72 | Gangsta Physique Day 9

Yes, Mi Gente. Installed at home with some carbs on my bowl, played a little bit of GTA. The funny thing is: I was ready to kill some people, but then I heard a kid’s voice say “don’t kill me, don’t kill me, I don’t have any weapons.” I was like, am I really playing with a 12 year old kid at this time of night? But then I heard an older kid’s voice and the older kid was cursing. I had to tell the older kid to stop because there was a little kid. But the little kid was like “no, it’s ok, sometimes I curse too.” I was like, oh my god. Maybe I am too old to play with these little rats because I cannot take this profanity coming from these little kids, even though I curse a lot. It just hurt me when I heard little kids cursing like the way I do on the video games. But anyway. That was a fun game, and we started killing each other. I had to put my uncle side away, and kill these niggas and start cursing back and forth with them. That made me feel like a kid again. I became a kid just like them, was pretty amazing. I miss those days. At the end, one of them told me “Wakanda forever.” I was like you are not welcome in Wakanda, motherfuckers I’m 35 years old! They reply to me “you pretty cool for a 35 year old, I’d hang with you.” I was like hell No! Go find some other adult friends, I’m just your friend from the video games, let’s only be video game friends.

Going back to why I am really doing this post. Gangsta physique day 9. The chest is not completely burning because I didn’t quite finish my upper chest sets. Two funny things happened at the gym today. One big guy was next to me while I was working out. I was bench pressing and he was bench pressing too. I noticed that the big motherfucker had a little bit of struggle on his last reps. But there was another motherfucker in front of him on his cell phone while he was working out. I dunno if the big guy put too much weight on his chest, at one point he tried to do the last rep and the weight was coming back to his chest almost choking him. I jumped really fast and held the barbell and helped him so he could rack it. I was so fast like lightening, and then I look at the other motherfucker in front of him, still on his fucking cell phone. I screamed at him “Hey motherfucker, are you here to workout or are you here to be on your fucking cell phone? Because this dude almost died in front of you, and I had to run from one side of the gym to the other to help him. Why couldn’t you just help him, you right here in front of him! Motherfucker.” Now. Maybe that the part of the gangsta physique that I do; but I only use the cell phone to listen to music to help me workout. I totally disconnect with the world. I see motherfuckers on their cell phones at the gym while they are supposed to be doing their fucking hard work. Bunch of fucking wimps. The big man was so thankful because that motherfucker almost broke his neck.

After working out, it was time to go real fast downstairs to teach my kuduro class, so I didn’t have time to finish my reps. I got into the men’s room to get my bag and I see a wrinkly-dick motherfucker drying his hair all butt naked in front of everybody. Oh fucking god. Even if you try not to look, this nigga was naked in front of all of us, and we were about 20 niggas in the room look at each other like we gonna kick his ass. Walking ass naked with his midget fucking dick thinking he’s like King Kong, Mr. Cho wrinkly dick. If you don’t know Mr. Cho, he’s the nigga from the Hangover movie, the China man. I’m like, I’m outta here. All the nights were laughing. What men can do for attention?! It’s getting worse.

Anyway, the gangsta physique is getting there. FBI. Fabulous body inside… uploading. I’ll see you tomorrow with another #live video probably at noon, because the Dr. Kizomba show keeps on getting interesting.

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